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About Us: Laser Hair Removal - LivSmooth

LivSmooth brings together the best laser technology with experienced operators in a serene, spa-like setting. At LivSmooth, we don’t book appointments, we book reservations. If you are tired of shaving, waxing, and using hair removing creams, LivSmooth is the answer. 

Laser hair removal is not one size fits all, so we devote 100% of our time to making sure you are getting the experience and treatment that you need. We will customize your treatment every time we see you, so that we can ensure you always leave our office feeling like your best self. 

If you are not satisfied with your results, you can keep coming in as many times as you would like. Trust us with your care because we hire only nurse practitioners.

Why our focus on laser hair removal makes us the better choice:

  • We invest more in the best laser technology to make you feel most comfortable and cared for
  • We hire the best experts in the field who have been specifically trained in the laser hair removal industry
  • We come with 30 years of combined industry experience 
  • We understand how to tailor your treatment exactly to your needs
  • We have done the research and training to understand how to best work with every type of skin and hair
Does Laser Hair Removal work

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